Tracing People

There are many reasons for needing to track down individuals or identifying familial relationships, and at Phoenix and Steele we can offer you the support and means to trace family members or acquaintances, or locate individuals for probate or professional reasons.

We specialise in tracing difficult to find individuals, and pride ourselves on a track record of success even where other agencies may have tried and failed. We undertake a full range of services including tracing for executry, process serving, genealogy or to find long-lost friends or family.

From conducting records-based searches, or access to the latest computerised databases, to simply undertaking good old-fashioned legwork, we can offer a holistic approach to tracing that meets our clients requirements in terms of discretion and confidentiality.

Working with more information usually makes the job easier, but at Phoenix and Steele we are willing to put in the time and effort to take your case forward with what details you have. Our staff have experience of successfully tracing individuals even given little background information.

We will always agree with the client in advance which steps they wish us to take, and how far to follow an investigation based on their budget and circumstances.